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Mediterranean cooking experience

  Come to take a trip to the wonderful world of flavor to Mediterranean cuisine, to share our knowledge in traditional cuisine, giving the value that fits to the flavor experience.

  Classes are held throughout the year upon request, under the direction of Dimitri Mantsiou who is certified to teach the culinary arts.

In summer in the garden under the cool shade of trees and in winter months in specially designed room.

  Always organized and methodically gained through long experience, we will cook step by step analysing of the materials, the methodology and style of cooking. And while cooking in the oven , we will resolve any questions of you accompanying delicious drinks.

  ... and then relax in comfortable rooms, until the delight of your labors accompanied with wonderful wines from vineyards in Naoussa.

  Makedonitikes and Mediterranean recipes are made unique because they have something inside of you, your creativity and what makes them delicious in taste, smell and emotion.

 Sample of
daily schedule. Minimum number of participants : 2 persons maximum : 12 persons

  Cooking guidance for ntolmadakia with vineyard-leaves(in egg and lemon sauce),bougiournti,a colorful salad Gul Baxe, techniques for a delicious beef pasta and a surprise sweet.
Cost € per person.

Sample of  three-day program Minimum number of participants : 2 persons maximum : 12 people.

  First day : Knead bread, we analyze the Mediterranean diet and its values, used materials and cooking techniques. Small confections of starters for a night with double-distilled raki and grapa. We identify their differences and enjoy them changing tasting scenarios.

  Second day: We make the salad, tzatziki and eggplant salad, analyze and cook the moussaka and meatballs in brine, alternatively the winter prasoselino and sarmas.After the afternoon coffee we make semolina halva and custard. Taste our creations for lunch and dinner depending on the mood, accompanied by top Xynomavro of Naoussa.

  Third day:  We make pie sheet and make two different pies, depending on the season. We make stuffed food,gavopsara, platsinta, beans, and enjoy our lunch meal.

  After the afternoon coffee we train to herbs, thyme, oregano, mint, sage, rosemary and combinations of these and create ribs with honey and thyme and a salad surprise. Dinner with unique tastes accompanying them with a delicious white wine from black grapes of Chrisohoou company which follows the vinification ¨ blanc de noir.
Cost € per person

We can adapt 5-day 6-day or 7-day programs that contain both trips to nearby wineries, eleiogefsia and tasting cheese (feta,cheese,batzos simple or smoked, gidotyri,mizithra) and in conjunction with the interests of visitors to archeological and religious tourism walking.

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