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  In all the surrounding areas we can organize day tours with special themes for religious, archaeological, mountain, wine, green or eco-tourism throughout the year. A particular interest are the School of Aristotle, where the great philosopher taught Alexander the Great (3.5 km). the tombs of Lefkadion (8 km), Ancient Pella (40 km), Vergina (40 km) and visits to 15 churches and monasteries. Do not forget to visit the Space of Sacrifice (2 km), the St. Nicholas Park (4 km), the Folklore Museum (2 km), Edessa (40 km) Nimfaio (55 km), Kastoria (67 km), Thes / niki (90 km).

  During the winter months enjoy the pleasures of the mountain at ski resorts of Seli (17km) and Three-Five Wells (17 km) or Ski of Vorras Kaimaktsalan (85 km). Only 1,800 m from the Heroic Naoussa and Municipal Apartments of the many events throughout  the year and the warm human hospitality . Click HERE

  Cycling, Vintage, distilleries, Moustopites, Zournas and tabor,  collection of peaches and cherries for delicious jams, traditional pies, traditional recipes, fresh tomato with homemade bread and local mpatsio below  cool, such as delicious wines nearby the fireplace, accompanied by soft music ,are some of the experiences you can participate and enjoy having as your base  the Hesperides SPA Hotel.

Riding lessons

  In the farm Sakali 5.5 km from the Hesperides SPA Hotel , 17 horses quietly and from different breeds offer the opportunity to get in touch with them by making your first steps as riders or continuing your experience and equestrian knowledge with the supervision of experienced riders    (

Canoe-kayak in Aliakmonas

  Come to escape with Canoe-kayak in the great river of Aliakmona,.Τwo different programs for an easy and a difficult journey costs 40,00 € and 50,00 € per person (with all equipment included) for a comfortable and safe action adventure and escape from routine .Information and reservations at the Damiano Filippidis in 6944738841.Watch getaways in FC #! / group.php? gid = 114501501928475 Lunch packet

 Biking, River x bikes, trekking

  The verdant Vermio is ideal for mountain biking.We suggest a variety of routes from the city in a specially designed and safe bikeway along the route from the grove of St. Nicholas. In parallel to 3-5 Pigadia you can dawn hill as well  the long runs until "saws" through the pine forest that joins them with Seli. Find the cycling club Page Book Package river X dikes in riverside path of Aliakmonas in three scheduled routes under the guidance of experts. Information at tel 6981952789/6976400516.

  The European Path of Great Voyage E4, starting from the Pyrenees, arriving in Greece . If you decide to walk to the canyon, you will follow the international path E4. May is the best month for this trip because the sun begins to warm again while wildflowers grow everywhere and embroider with a thousand of colors the most pure and dreamy landscape

Winemaking Routes

  Travel among the most famous Greek vineyards. Stop at famous wineries and taste your favorite wines produced in the area. Meet the people who make them. Surprised to discover how the perfumes and taste seem to blend with the site. We can design your visits and get ready for a unique experience!

Monasterial Tourism

  The Holy Monastery of the Forerunner, Step St. Paul, Mary Soumela and chapels in the green outskirts of Vermion, the Church of the Holy Forerunner, St. George pigeon, Agia Triada, outside Ypapanti are some of the  Byzantine religious monuments in the area. In Veria the ruins of tetraconch baptistery into a basilica and the 48 Byzantine and post-Byzantine churches with  rare murals of 12th and 18th century form a complex network of development research, and of religious piety.

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